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Data Recovery

Data RecoveryAt Digital Solutionz we firmly believe that in order to move forward you must first BACK UP. We offer Data Recovery Services. We will back up your Hard Drive and transfer all Data Files, Documents, Pictures, Audio, Video files to Physical Media or Cloud Based Storage. Our expert technician will work with you to create a custom Data Recovery Solution tailored to your needs while only recovering what you really need.

Recovery may be required due to Virus Infiltrations, Spyware Attacks, and Physical Damage to the storage device or logical damage to the Operating System that prevents it from functioning properly. By having an intelligent Data Recovery plan in place we can help limit downtime due to such unexpected scenarios.

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Salvaging and Recovering Your Information is Our Goal

We work with you to recover all the data that can be retrieved as quickly as possible. Your privacy and the security of your data are important to us. All recovered information will be kept strictly confidential and stored safely.

Many devices, ranging from laptops to desktops, Macs to PCs, iPods, iPhones, external hard drives, camera memory cards, as well as other storage devices may be recoverable. The overall likelihood of recovery depends on the amount of damage to the hardware and file system.

Computer Data Recovery and Repair Services How Would You Like Your Data Back?

For your convenience, we can provide your recovered data on DVDs, CDs, an external hard drive, an Internet download or transfer it to a new computer. We attempt to verify the integrity of every file we recover and scan them for viruses to ensure the best quality and safest data recovery possible.

You Deserve The Best Service Possible

We keep our prices competitive and our services streamlined as a part of our larger commitment to your satisfaction. The outcome of your case depends on the amount of damage to the drive and file system as well as the amount and complexity of the data to recover. Sometimes drives may not be recoverable if they are severely damaged. If we cannot recover any of your data there will be no charge beyond the diagnostic fee. 

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